Hey y'all!
After receiving some positive feedback and a few questions about how this gif was made, I figured I'd put together a little tutorial. Everything I know about media is something someone took the time to teach me or from reverse-engineering another person's project, so I'm a firm believer in sharing what I know.
Bear with me, since this is the first time I've done something like this and I'm redoing some things from scratch.

Final Product | Cole Quintanilla

First I started by turning my photo sequence into a crispy gif (tutorial here). For this particular project, the frame is relatively static so I checked "Attempt to Automatically Align Source Layers." I renamed all the layers so they would be easier for me to keep track of later in this project.

crispy gif base

After cropping, some frames had gaps in the background, so I duplicated some layers and moved them to the bottom to fill in spots (see the bottom edge of the GIF).

Here's where it gets tedious/fun/interesting.
I duplicated all the layers to create foreground cutouts. I grouped the original layers in a folder called 'backgrounds' for organization purposes.
Using the pen tool, I traced Cole's outline and created a vector mask for each of the 10 foreground frames. You can also use the quick selection or your other favorite method of raster masking.
I copied the vector masks onto fill layers (which I set at 80% opacity, normal blending mode). On the foreground photo layers, I also feathered the masks by a few pixels.
I toggled visibility for each frame to show the current foreground photo and all previous fill cutouts.


'Propagate Frame 1' means that if I make a change to a layer in this frame, that change will be made to the layer in all subsequent frames.

And that's about it! The final gif was exported using Photoshop's default settings (File>Export>Save for Web (Legacy)).

Pro-tip: if you want to post to Instagram, export as a video over 3 seconds (File>Export>Render Video).
If your gif is shorter than 3 seconds, highlight all the frames in Timeline and click the button that looks like a sticky note to duplicate the frames until you reach 3 seconds.

Feel free to shoot me a tweet/DM/email if you have any questions and let me know if you want to learn about my process for other images!

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